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please reach out to us:

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Whether you are looking to collaborate on social media, a brand collaboration or a video partnership; Ghazal is able to do it all! When it comes to bridging life and art, Ghazal’s ability to tell a story ties in an authentic humour and a creative eye unique to her colourful personality. Her social feed focuses on art, design, fashion, food and liquor, interiors, travel, and making a beautiful mess.  



Ghazal loves to create large scale works in a variety of environments: public venues, commercial spaces, restaurants, retail spaces, as well as homes. See her portfolio for more examples. 

Reach out for estimates on a custom mural.



With an extensive and versatile creative background, Ghazal is happy to share her mistakes and celebrations to audiences of all sizes, through informative talks or interactive workshops. She can speak to a variety of topics including art, branding, illustration, public relations, creative direction, trying new things, thinking outside of the box, and anything in between.


I had the pleasure of working with Ghazal during our launch party for our Bailey Nelson location in Kitsilano. I knew I wanted to work with an artist who aligned with our vision, understood our passion for community and embodied the companies fun energy; she brought all that and more to the table! Her creative vision helped bring our goal of taking BN’s Australian brand roots to life in the Vancouver market. She went above and beyond to merchandise her art to suit our space, speak to our party guests and help hold a room.

She was effortless in communication, responded quickly, provided suggestions and wanted to ensure we were happy from start to finish. Ghazal’s idea of hand-painted cases provided a special gift to our guests that was unique to our brand.  We were so exited to collaborate on a piece of art that could represent Australia’s beauty and be taken home; it was a party favourite. This wasn’t the first time I counted on G for her creativity and it won’t be the last!