During the day, I’m running the show as a General Manager of a top local Vancouver restaurant, and after the work is done - all I do is play. Utilizing art, food and beverage, writing and travel- I’ve created a life I’ve come to truly love. I’d like to think of myself as an architect of experience. It goes beyond the experience on screen - it’s about bringing a community of likeminded individuals together, IRL. I am a multi-hyphenate creative director.


Like, really dirty. Whether it’s mixing up a delicious cocktail recipe, a blend of colours for a painting or
painting a garment for Maison Roshe; you can always find me getting up to something.

Ghazal Elhaei
Pronounced: /Gəˈzɛl/. 
(Similar To GazelleLike The Animal.

B. 1991. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ghazal Elhaei is a contemporary, self-taught visual artist and entrepreneur living and working in Vancouver, BC.  She currently exhibits her paintings in solo and group shows internationally.

From an early age, Ghazal has been a storyteller. The last decade and a half have seen her sharing the stories of her life and those around her through various mediums and platforms such as music, writing, a digital publication and fashion styling. A trailblazer in creating unforgettable experiences both online and offline to deeply engage audiences, the same ideals lay in her work as a visual artist. 

There's a sense of spontaneity stitched between the complex layers of tones used within her work. Mainly inspired by ocean scapes and the natural tones of the earth, her abstract perspective creates momentary glimpses of escape for the viewer. Her abstract work is a dialogue of intuitive perception; a piece by Ghazal is one that brings the result of powerful reflection of the inspirations around her.  

Her latest venture, #DNMbyG, provides an opportunity for art lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike to own a piece of art that embeds into their everyday life. 

Moving into the next phase of her creative ventures, Ghazal plans to use all of her artistic and business endeavours as a way to engage audiences through art and experiences; as an agent of social change. Currently, Ghazal is an ambassador for A Better Life Foundation. 

Ghazal is also the founder and Creative Director of Capital G Creatives; a Vancouver-based Visual Experience Studio and a sought after consultant, Creative Director and public speaker.  

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2017        Artist TalkOpus Art & Supplies, Vancouver, BC
2017        “Exhibitions, Decoded.” WorkshopOpus Art & Supplies, Vancouver, BC
2017        Artist TalkNorth Shore Art Guild, West Vancouver, BC


2018        “IN THE SHALLOWS” 348 Water St., Vancouver, BC (solo)
2017        “MAKEBA” at Hotel Blu, Vancouver, BC (solo)
2017        ART IN MIND” Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK


2018      A Better Life Foundation Greasy Spoon Diner, Vancouver, BC  


2019      Ciel Shoppe
       The Deighton Cup
2017       Dinner by Design 5 Year Anniversary Gala
2017       Bailey Nelson   
2017       People Footwear 
2017       PawSwap
2016       St. Paul's Hospital
2015       Nectar Juicery