From Little Things Big Things Grow’, the very first post and opening dialogue from Amanda Shadforth on her website, Oracle Fox. A contemporary Australian artist in her own right, Amanda’s career spans over a decade both nationally and internationally. Fast forward seven years and this extensive repertoire includes photographer, stylist and Creative Director working with some of the most highly coveted brands from around the globe. Ghazal is thrilled to be adding a new chapter, ‘Maison Roshe’.

A union of Amanda Shadforth’s crafts, the OF collection has been made to represent those with a love of contemporary fashion and appreciation for art, featuring hand created works to adorn yourself and your space. With a focus on small quantities, ethical practices and local sourcing, OF offers a collection of timeless pieces that are luxurious, with a sustainable ethos at heart. Welcome to a new chapter, OF by Amanda Shadforth.





  1. How long do jackets typically take to be hand-painted?

    When a customer buys an original hand painted jacket from the website, they don't just get a jacket off the rack. They get an individually picked denim jacket that is then hand-painted specifically for them. Now realizing how extensive the process it we provide the jackets to the customers anywhere from two weeks to a month.

  2. If I am purchasing a jacket as a present, how far in advance should I place my order?

    We ask that you place your order at least 8-12 weeks (based on the design and needs) before the date it’s needed, to ensure that you receive it on time.

  3. How does the customization process work?

    (1) Each conversation starts with the design. Book a consultation with Ghazal and our team to bring your vision to life. (2) Following the consult, Ghazal will finalize a timeline and design outline for the jacket. Upon receiving the order confirmation, a full deposit must be made. (3) Once the deposit has been received, Ghazal will send over a sketch of the design along with a colour swatch for approval. (4) Once approved, there won’t be any changes made once the process has begun. Ghazal will allow for one design edit - if needed. Any additional edits, will require an additional fee.

  4. Can I send you a piece of clothing I already own to design?

    Absolutely! If you ship us an item of clothing that you already own, we will offer free return shipping for customers within Canada.

  5. How much are custom jackets?

    Prices for custom pieces start at $250 and go up from there. Prices for jackets vary based on design, and please keep in mind that shipping is not included in the price of custom designs.