A new year finds our introspective self put on display with uninhibited intentions. Don’t we publicly declare our resolutions as a way to hold ourselves accountable? Maybe by sharing our goals with friends, family and well, anyone who has access to the Internet, it will push us to finally succeed at our predetermined future selfs. My list of goals, tasks and dream are growing by the day. It’s growing so rapidly, that I don’t know how to keep up with myself and my infinite scroll of wants and needs.

I’m unsure where you stand, but 2016 was a difficult year for me. Call it a quarter life crisis, if you will. I thought I knew everything and the moment that I truly faced that belief; I realized I knew nothing at all. Nothing about who I really am, what my goals are and why I have worked to put myself into the position that I currently am. What makes matter worse is that I spent more time scrolling through everyone else’s highlight reel. Thanks Instagram (it’s a love/hate relationship, but mostly love.) This journey has been far from steady and the challenges have far outweighed the successes; albeit, this year brought a lot of good moments too. It has offered me opportunities in my personal and professional life that have developed me further into being the person that I am writing this.

My pursuit is not one of happiness. You can’t find happiness. IT needs to be developed over time, over conversation, and a little bit of faith. My pursuit lies in always staying hungry. Not literally, because we all know how much I love tacos, but metaphorically speaking. Still with me? Hah.

I never want to lose the insatiable hunger to discover the world. I want to indulge in various realms through a myriad of mediums that start a meaningful connection. Whether it be through style, food, travel, art or music – I want us to talk, for real. I want to fall into the depths of the creative mind. To curate a stylized perspective amongst a collective that will not only inspire but leave a mark on this world.

Some days, I have no idea what it looks like. Other days, I’ve got floor to ceiling murals of what it could be. But the best part about it, is that with each day, my self portrait is a blank canvas. 

Follow my journey.