#MEANDMYBAILEYS | Hand-painted cases by Ghazal Elhaei for Bailey Nelson Kitsilano


I first sat down with my good friend, Kyla, a few weeks back when she was telling me about her new job and the openings of Bailey Nelson around Vancouver. Her team, who was opening the Kitsilano location, were planning a small gathering for the local community to celebrate their new home. During our conversation, we were brainstorming ideas and amidst our conversation I had a crazy idea: "why don't I hand paint a few cases for the event?" 

Fast forward to last Thursday, 18 cases were displayed throughout the beautiful curated Mokosh Textiles pop-up on West 4th. The evening also featured an absolutely delicious feast by Manifeast Nutrition. We drank, we ate, we shared stories and guests got to walk away with a custom case in hand. 

The process of creating these cases was challenging. I've never painted the material before and it required a ton of trial and error before I found my flow. Which was to literally paint them with my hands to create the textures of the ocean that inspire both myself and acts as the roots for Bailey Nelson. 

I've always been and will continue to be enchanted by the world's natural wonders: the ocean, the sky, galaxies and aerial views of our endless backyard. Simply put, by looking at something infinitely greater than myself, it allows me to let go of all of the little things and focus on the bigger picture. Which is the same feeling I hope to instil in all of you and those who see my work. 

I was also invited to go to the West 4th location to pick up a pair of frames (the last time I bought a pair of frames, was when I first got my prescription when I was 15.) Needless to say, I was ecstatic for the upgrade.


The team guided me through the various frames, and let me try on literally every style until we found one that worked. The knowledge that the staff hold coupled with their ease of transaction - I literally felt like I was shopping with my best friends - made it one of the most memorable shopping experiences I've had. 

To put it in their own words: "Bailey Nelson was founded in Bondi Beach in 2012, Bailey and has quickly grown into a global brand lead by an incredible team with boutiques in Australia, London, Canada and New Zealand.

Put simply, buying glasses should be one of life’s pleasures. And we’ve created a formula to make it one. We start with a process that’s clever and honest. We use it to craft eyewear that’s both beautiful and affordable. And we hire people who are passionate and genuine. It’s not rocket science. It’s just caring enough about what you’re doing to do it right. We strive to deliver fantastic eyewear frames at a reasonable price, backed up by great service. 

Our vision is to right the wrongs of the eyewear industry - positively and permanently; and whilst we're at it, we hope to empower individuality and self-expression through our beautiful, affordable eyewear, inviting stores and incredible people." 

I could've put that in my own words, but let's be real, it's just too good. You can currently visit their locations on Robson, Kitsilano and their newly opened space in Gastown. 

A big thank you to the team for the opportunity to collaborate on such an incredible project. I'm eternally grateful. 

Til next time, friends. 

Ghazal ElhaeiVANCOUVER