On my last night in New York, I was walking to the subway and I saw a girl crossing the street with a t-shirt that read: “I’m here to take what’s mine.”

That sums up the energy that New York City holds for me.

This isn’t a case to argue that the grass is greener on the other side. This trip was a juxtaposition of just that. The city that offers endless opportunities is also dry and to water it, you have to go through hell and back to even get a glimpse of your potential. But that’s just it, isn’t it? We need to be challenged. As artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, we need to be thrown down the rabbit hole in order to achieve what we feel we’re worthy of.

The week saw me running around the city with friends, fashion photographer Chris Winter and influencer Meagan Faye of Living Boldly. Highlights of the week included spending some time in the Chanel showroom, hanging out in Donna Karan’s Urban Zen; as well as fashion show standouts J Crew, Scotch and Soda, The Blonds and Anniessa Hasibuan.

There’s something intoxicating about the rush that comes along with fashion week. A whirlwind of running from one end of the city to the other; laughing and screaming and trying to maintain your composure and keep your professionalism in tact.

I was lucky enough to have local friends show me around to some incredible spots. Some stand out dining experiences included drinks at Fig 19, late night bites at Sake Bar Decibel, and brunch at Jack’s Wife Freda. I went back twice for brunch, haha. If you’re looking to shop, be sure to check out What Goes Around Comes AroundKirna Zabete, and Opening Ceremony. The best part about New York though is that you can wander the streets and stumble upon endless opportunities.

So while I work on getting the coffee stain out of my favourite oversized shirt, (see photo above) take a moment to watch the quick recap of my NYFW SS17 video below.

Until then, I’ll be in a New York State of Mind.