Every year, it’s the same thing.

I create an endless list of promises and resolutions that pile up and stare blankly at it like a pile of clothes I refuse to deal with. With the first five weeks of the year under our belt, take a moment to ask yourself this: have you made the effective changes in your habits to truly implement a seamless lifestyle?



I’m notorious for this. By week’s end, there is a dog pile of garments on a chair or in the corner of my room. I get "soooo busy." I come home, throw clothes wherever they may fall and let it be. Getting in the habit of hanging your clothes right after you wear them, ensures not only the longevity of the item but also, fewer wrinkles will be present the next you want to wear them, too. Get in the habit of sorting your clothes. If all that is required is a simple spot treatment, tend to it immediately. Separating colours is a no brainer, but also being aware of the fabrication of your garments that are thrown in your washer is just as important. The care tags are sewn into our clothes for a reason, follow the instructions accordingly. Be sure to budget for the pieces that require special attention like dry cleaning, and remember: you don’t need to wash your jeans every day. A simple routine will allow your favourite pieces to last much longer.


Forget about everything you’ve known when it comes to the number on the size tag. Instead, focus on your body shape. Start by understanding lengths, cuts and fabrics and how they fall on your body. Take the time to try clothing items on, don’t buy something a size too small to try and fit into it later on. If you go through your closet, and have something that doesn’t fit; just let it go. Holding on to an item for a “maybe someday” takes away from owning what you have today.

A tailor can become your best friend and your ultimate secret weapon. If you can’t afford a tailor, reach out to students in fashion schools and see if they would be interested in altering your pieces for a small fee. Or, take up a local sewing class and learn to do your own adjustments.


By no means am I a morning person. Most of the time, I wake up in a panic, grab the first thing I see and run out of the door. As a stylist, I get so caught up in what everyone else is wearing that sometimes I forget about myself. Albeit, I have a uniform that I follow almost daily; it can still get overwhelming. By planning your outfit and laying it out the night before, you can wake up like you want: flawless.

In turn, this allows for more time in the morning to attend to more important matters: avocado and toast. 

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