Ghazal is a proud of ambassador of A Better Life Foundation.

Every month, she donates a painting for auction that is available through monthly donations. At it's core, the purpose is to raise awareness and funds to provide food security for women and children in the Downtown Eastside. 

Ghazal took on the ambassador role as a way to continue the legacy of a man who was more a father than a family friend to her. His message always laid within resiliency, and he was the one who taught her to harness it through the creative process. His teachings came over a hot meal every time. A simple act of sharing a meal and developing a skill set became the values that hold the most meaning to Ghazal. It only made sense to continue this legacy, in an area where Ghazal considers her second home, and to pass on his legacy to her community.

This is in honour of Floyd Sinclair Sandiford, one of the most resilient, kindest and talented men I have ever come to known. 



Ocean Eyes
Acrylic on Fine Silk Canvas, 24 x 36


Founded in 2012 by Mark Brand, A Better Life Foundation raises critical funds towards providing quality food security to women, children, and those on assisted living. A Better Life Foundation supports our community neighbours with food security through daily meal programs prepared in the Save On Meats commissary kitchen diner located in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside at 43 W Hastings.